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Remember that

The Second SOHO Italian Conference, in bringing together leading SOHO experts and top Italian researchers in acute leukemias, MPDs and MDSs, aims to consolidate the Italian Hematology-SOHO partnership.

It also serves to spread the importance to the Italian Scientific Community about the new scientific society “ITALIAN SOCIETY OF HEMATOLOGIC ONCOLOGY” (SOHO ITALY).

The aim of the association is the integration of the clinical-scientific activities of IRST Meldola and MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER and the improvement of the clinical-therapeutic approach to patients with hematologic malignancies.

The Society “SOHO ITALY” is represented by G. Martinelli and C. Cerchione (IRST MELDOLA) and H. Kantarjian, E. Jabbour, M. Konopleva, N. Daver, MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER)

The Cancer Institute of Romagna (IRST) breaks new ground in multiple cancer research fields, with outstanding clinical programs, innovative preclinical research, and educational excellence.

IRST provides state of the art diagnosis and treatment a wide range of cancer fields, in line with an excellent healthcare system. The Institute offers precision medicine treatments through a multidisciplinary approach, which guarantees the most effective interventions for each patient.

The Institute is a multi-specialty center with some high complexity clinical specialties such as radiometabolic therapy, last-generation radiotherapy treatments, cellular therapies, immunotherapy, and dedicated hospital ward and outpatient day hospital.

The Society of Hematologic Oncology (SOHO) was established as a non-profit organization in 2012 to promote worldwide research (education, prevention, clinical studies and patient care) into hematologic malignancies and related disorders. The SOHO network represents a point of reference for physicians and other healthcare professionals from more than 100 countries whose common aim is to find innovative and effective treatments for the myriad of diseases of hematological origin.